Direct Cremation



With the high cost of funerals today, an alternative solution is Statewide Cremation Services.

For peace of mind, more and more families are choosing simple cremation services. We at Statewide Cremation Services are here to help you.


Anywhere in the State

What's included:
  • Removal from place of death
  • Safe Storage in a refrigerated morgue facility
  • Securing all necessary forms as required by the law
  • Forms required for permission to cremate by authorized family
  • Vital Record Information to file the Death Certificate
  • Social Security is filed automatically when the death certificated is filed
  • Safe keeping of your loved one in our refrigerated facility
  • Alternative Container in which deceased is placed for cremation
  • Plastic/Vinyl Temporary Urn Suitable for mailing
  • Mailing Fee is $100 additional

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